STOP HOPING. START KNOWING: Voltage Factory is in the KNOWING business. We help our growing list of Clients gain deep and complex insights from their marketing investments and use objective DATA to learn and improve.

THE BASICS: Started in January, 2000 at the cusp of the data revolution. The idea--work with clients to demonstrate the intense power of user-generated DATA in driving more intelligent, measurable, and relevant marketing. Gerry Brewer, CEO (former Head of Office at Ogilvy & Mather Direct) and David Hosokawa, Investor (former CEO of TMP, parent of Monster.com) came together around a shared vision--leverage technology to do what humans simply cannot do, in order to make marketing MUCH more personal and MUCH more accountable.

SERVICES: Think "Interactive Response Agency" swaps DNA with "Software Development" company, then toss in a heavy dose of "Data Analytics" and you'll get the basic idea. So, yes--Strategic planning and consultation, creative development, data collection and analytics, campaign creation, social media, website development, mobile marketing, email creation and deployment, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada--but here's the differentiator--all of the above is literally hooked into--and centered around--proprietary, automated marketing platforms that manage the complexity and variability necessary to achieve true, measurable, personalized marketing.

So what about that name, Voltage Factory? The traditional way of building brands by "broadcasting" ads into pre-determined channels is simply dead. Instead, marketing should be viewed through the lens of a "Network Model" where users are inter-connected and interact, inform and share to the mutual benefit of everyone in the network. So, like a closed-loop electrical power grid where the electrical current must flow evenly both ways, the challenge for today's Brands is to connect directly and personally with high-value Customers and Prospects, then create a "power grid" of marketing energy (data and information) back and forth to the mutual benefit of all participants. (Sidenote...upon inception, Voltage Factory was the favored name of the original investor--the man who, at one time, decided to slice the "board" off Monsterboard to create a Monster. So, c'mon, who was really going to argue with THAT track record?).

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